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One Central Location To Manage Your Security Infrastructure

SAFE ensures the right Physical Identities – i.e. employees, contractors, vendors, visitors –are properly authenticated and have the right access to the right areas, for the right reasons for a specified duration of time – auditable 24×7

Founded in 2004, Quantum Secure entered the market as the first Physical Identity and Access Management platform. Today, Quantum Secure’s SAFE Software Suite remains the leading solution for managing identities and provisioning access in physical security infrastructure.

Our SAFE software suite is designed to connect disparate physical security, IT and operational systems and to automate manual security processes in order to reduce both costs and risks.

As part of the SAFE Software Suite, we have created a host of applications that help automate physical security system functions, such as physical identity management, role-based access, self-service administration, identity/event correlation and reporting into a single Web-based interface that is easy to manage and use.

To help bring the SAFE Suite to market, Quantum Secure has partnered with industry leaders in both the physical and logical security spaces, including GE, Johnson Controls, United Technologies/Lenel, Tyco/Software House, Oracle, Wipro Technologies, Siemens, Unisys, and Microsoft. These partners provide best-in-class technologies, deployment capabilities and consulting to organizations around the globe to meet their needs for physical identity and access management.

Quantum Secure customers range from large international airports, highly secure government agencies and Fortune 500 global corporations. Customers include the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Adobe Systems, AMD, AT&T, Baxter International, Juniper Networks, Symantec Corporation, San Francisco International Airport and the Toronto Pearson International Airport.